Professional orientation is a general direction for students in choosing a future profession. And also the professional orientation is a system of orientational works in the direction of a person who has entered adulthood. Professional orientation is a kind of activity aimed at orienting young people in terms of opportunities, interest and inclination, and also corresponding to the requirements of society.

One of the types of directed work of professional orientation are Sunday schools. The annual organization of Sunday schools by university teachers has become traditional, striving for the practical application of information technology in competently-directed education. The purpose of Sunday schools is to develop interest among schoolchildren in a certain professional direction. If in the previous two years the number of students was 10 people, then today the number of students at School No. 1 and No. 47 is 17 people. At the beginning of the school year, a work plan for Sunday schools was drawn up and approved. Twice a week there are classes on the topics "The importance of informatics in society", "Interesting tasks in informatics", "Lessons of robotics", "Art photography", "Virtual laboratory", "Internet Olympics", "Computer chess" and others. Along with this, master classes, lessons-trainings, round tables, olympiads, as well as intellectual contests are organized in Sunday schools. Undoubtedly, the development of science depends on the development of modern projects. In this regard, the pupils of schools share their breakthrough and initiative ideas and thoughts in the field of scientific research for successful implementation of their plans, research works, and formation of competence, and plans for the future with the staff of the department. Thanks to such actions, the personnel corresponding to the high demands of society are formed, capable of systematically and easily communicating their thoughts, communicative, and easily implemented in production.